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This is not my regular Sunday/Monday-ish weekly blog. That’s on it’s way. 

This is here because I’m seeking opinions from amongst those who are kind enough to comment about a letter I’m about to send to HR managers. It’s based on ideas from several trusted friends, and I believe I’ve written it well. I’m just not sure it presses the HR hot button.

So, please comment. Rip it to shreds. I value all input.

Here it is:

Hello <Name>

HR is often seen as operational and transactional, with no strategy, no flair, no insight, no pro-activity.

Unfair? Of course! But too often true.

If you are in an organisation that believes that, you probably want to challenge that perception.

If you aren’t, you’ll want to continue to emphasise your strategic functions so that your organisation continues to treat HR the way it needs to be treated.

Sometimes, simple ideas are the best. Here’s one that’s simple, cheap and noticeable.

Buy all the other senior executives a book!

It seems a simple thing, but if the book is good enough and adds enough value, it makes a clear statement.

Of course, it needs to be the right book.

1001 Nights in the Trans-Arabian Corporation‘s Boardroom is a work of fiction that is crammed with insight into business ethics, career development, marketing, business management, and of course, goo HR practice. It’s witty and enjoyable enough to be read as a pure work of fiction, but its real benefit is to unleash the creativity of the business manager. Reviewers have raved about it.

Best of all, it’s just a book. No DVD to buy. No series of seminars to sign up for. Just a book. With a corporate rate of less that AU$30 per copy.

It would be hard to explain how this book works in this short note – it’s a big story made up of little stories. To get an idea of how the little stories work, take ten minutes to read the free chapter “The Jentacular Experience”. It can be downloaded here.

If you’re keen to explore the book, then buy a copy on-line. Send a note that you’re a HR Manager, and I’ll send you an extra copy free, so that you and you’re team can assess it quicker. If you don’t enjoy it, let me know and I’ll refund the purchase price.

It’s a pretty simple idea. Change perceptions – just a bit, but positively – for an amount that will barely register on your budget, but with a book that your organisation will remember for a long time.

Check out the site here.

So, that’s the letter. Please, comment in any way. I intend to send it in about two weeks time.


Written by robertgodden

May 18, 2008 at 8:39 am

Posted in Business

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  1. I think this is too wordy and a little too negative. You only have the first couple of lines to get someones attention. After that, they will click away. Try a quote (either from the book or from a reviewer). Shorten the message. You are trying to push a book as possitive, try to make your message more positive. What it says to me is your job sucks a lot and no one cares… buy this book…

    my 2cents… feel free to give back change.

    Chuck Radcliff

    May 21, 2008 at 5:01 am

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