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Pain is so close to pleasure

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Forgive me, for I have sinned.

It is one year and one week since my last blog.

Back then, the blog went off the rails a bit. We were embarking on a  new venture, and the world seemed full of endless possibilities.

One of the really big possibilities was an economic crash, but back then – a week or so before it really hit – it didn’t seem that real.

One of the others was that some of our carefully researched and checked information was a bit wrong. The problem with any data is that if the observer is not impartial, it can be seen to mean anything.

Big things happened in the world in the last year. Economies melted. Countries ailed. Good people died. Bad people died. Always in the wrong ratio.

I lost a childhood friend who was in his early 40’s. Even though I appreciate that if I lived in Baghdad or Kabul, that might be a daily occurrence; it still feels terribly awful that I never managed to squeeze in a visit to him once we learnt of his illness.

The business we bought; well, that is another tale. In fact, it’s related in an article in The Fordyce Letter, so let’s not bother here.

Still, we live in one of favourite places in the world; and I always remember that if you speak English as a first language, you’re probably in the top 20% wealthiest people in the world! I read that in a book on cooking cheaply way back in my teens.

Anyway, back to the “off the rails” bit. The blog stopped talking about all sorts of stuff and became very personal and less external. Not really what I have envisaged.

But these things evolve.

From here on, this will remain a more personal blog. My blogging activity on issues will move to the blog on; where every second blog will be my responsibility.

And here I’ll relate anything I want to comment on. Given that I’ve only ever met one person who’s read this, it’s the least I can do for myself.

The 08/09 financial year has been full of both pleasure and pain for us. The next twelve months will certainly have more of one than the other. It remains to be seen which side of the ledger it falls.


Written by robertgodden

August 5, 2009 at 6:48 pm