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I’m Going Slightly Mad

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Sometimes, I have the capacity to surprise myself – with my own stupidity.

When you try to think strategically, at a high level, you can sometimes miss the simple things. And I have. I’ve been embarrassed by a simple question.

Of course, the question came from my better half. She has a great way of cutting through the nonsense and asking incisive questions.

So, some background.

Fact One:

A few years ago, I write a book called ”1001 Nights in the Trans Arabian Corporation’s Boardroom”.  The thirty-second wrap-up of it is: it’s a business book, but amusingly written as a work of fiction. It uses a fable-historical-dramatic-comedic-horror-science fiction approach to talk about career and personal development, marketing, HR and business ethics and management in an easy and enjoyable format.

The book was not exactly a best seller, despite having a wide range of arresting characters including a cast of vampires that turn up in about a quarter of the stories.

Fact Two:

I have some experience in, and exposure too, social media as a business tool. In fact, I’m about to co-present a TV show about that very topic.

Fact Three:

In doing research for that show, I’ve been aware that vampires have been a top-ten twitter subject for at least a year.

So here’s the question from my better half:

“If you’re so interested in social media as a marketing tool, and vampires are hot right now, and your book is full of vampires, why aren’t you promoting it on Twitter and the like?”

Hmm, I immediately thought of an answer. But to be sure, I twittered the question and got a few opinions, and yes, it confirmed my worst suspicion – I have been a first-class idiot.

So, here’s what I aim to do.

The site from which I sell my book has had 4625 hits at the point of writing this blog. With one week to go before we shoot the TV show, I’d like to double that via Twitter.

Easy you say? But I only have nine followers on my brand new account – I started a new one because my original one was languishing and had hundreds of scumbag scammer attached.

So, without being a spammer myself, how can I do this?

It’s simple – people will re-tweet what they find interesting. So, is this blog interesting enough? Only time will tell – and I’m giving it a week.

Either way, I’ve got a story for the TV show. But by casting a tiny seed into the wind, will the story be a demonstration of the need to plan and execute such campaigns professionally to cut through the clutter (because it fails) or a demonstration of the power of an idea within the engine of Twitter.

Let’s all find out.


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December 7, 2009 at 8:53 am

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